For truly effective sustainable buildings to work, we believe that it is vital that sustainable design is integral in the building design from concept stage, rather than a bolt on solution at a later stage.

Our company has an in depth knowledge of the key factors that create a truly sustainable building. We use our in depth knowledge at the early stage design to set out the building orientation, form, glazing and roof shape in order that the design acheives the maximum sustainable affect and minimum carbon footprint. We also work with our mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure energy usage is conserved and renewable energy resources are used to their maximum affordable benefit.

We have completed numerous BREEAM 'Excellent' buildings such as the University of Leicester Sports Centre and our 50 Marshall Street office scheme using these sustainable concepts from the onset of design. The Marshall Street scheme is using heat pumps powered by green tariff electricity which results in zero carbon dioxide emissions post occupancy.

We are a signatory to the AJ RetroFirst Campaign to prioritise retrofit over demolition and rebuild, which we believe to be the most practical and immediate way to slash carbon emissions in construction.

University of Leicester - BREEAM 'Excellent' Award